Letting Nature heal me

I decided to go on a walk on January 2nd 2016. This day makes it (2) years that I have lost my Mother. This walk was very important to me. It was not only a walk to look at my new property on my own but a walk to help me heal. I am not healing from anything physical but psychological. We can all relate to the loss of a loved one. It hurts like it could be physical sometimes. That happens when you loved that person so much. I have persevered to the best of my ability from my loses. Losing my Mom hurt so bad that I can not imagine any other pain like it. With each picture I took that day, I felt as though I was wiping film off of a glass window. Every picture was a way for me to express myself and to show my soul ❤DSC08567

Nature helped me this day to take the pain and focus on something beautiful. It was a little cold sure but I saw the beauty in that, in all of it’s glory. The frozen stream represented to me that yes, you will be frozen for a while but again you will be flowing. The sun always comes out after a storm kinda thing.



The creek that runs along the side of our home is beautiful. I had no idea how beautiful until this day. The feeling of peacefulness and serenity that I felt was just like I felt growing up on Drake Run Rd. ❤ The little waterfalls in the creek bed follows all the way through it. There are so many rocks and pretty coves that I just want to sit on and around for hours.